Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Swimming Pool in Bogor

Pool in Bogor - Holiday with family is indeed better able to add harmony with any family or vacation with friends or companions, and not to mention all the places convenient or it can also be said for the tour. It is usually the most comfortable vacation that visits the family places that can or can be said to play water, such as in the pool, beach, water park.
The best hot weather is water games! allowing the body to feel fresh because cuacannya is hot, so if you are able to travel to places that are a swimming pool with family or friends, it will be closer to pastinnya, or it can also be said for the tour as with family. Nantinnya will be more busy. If you feel lonely yourself! M and that are losing rich people! he joke loh
Well in this article I will discuss about the existing pool in the city of Bogor. sepertinnya for those who live in the city, remembered Bogor, with the pole tour in Bogor city. the city of Bogor busy at the pool of such trips water is spread in different areas of the city of Bogor and even a swimming pool very beautiful, the price is too cheap masuknnya tickets, pastinnya it will keep the visitors hanging out at the pool locations mentioned.
Pool places in Bogor
Here, Aneka Wisata Seru is summarized of a number of seaside resorts that are suitable for or can be said for you to visit and interest. Consider the below below.

Water Boom Yasmin Sports Center
Water Tree Yasmin Sports Center - The first swimming pool is the Water Boom Yasmin Sports Center in Bogor. Here, there are three main poins intended for or can be said for toddlers, children and adults. Does this pool place fit for or can be said for all ages. Share or it can also be said for the supporting facilities do not worry because everything is complete from the toilet and flush clean rooms, food court providing food and beverage, supermarket and a large car park.
Ticket Prize Tree Yasmin Water Sports Center is Rp20,000 this amount for or can be said from monday to friday while it may or may be said for Saturday and Sunday of Rp 25,000 rupiah is a fairly cheap price because you are in stands here to play water as much .

List of Tourist Places in Magelang Which Passes For Vacation

2 Touristic places in Magelang Which competition can or can be said for holiday, most beautiful places - Magelang the city or the district anyway? Perhaps this is the first question that occurs if we do not know Magelang. If you were from Magelang then you would be the one that makes it easy to answer the questions above. Previously, Magelang is the name of a Regency in Central Java. This district is a thousand cities in the town of Magelang yng. This era stands. When in 1950 the government ruled that the town of Magelang alone is Menjdai Magelang based on Act No. 13 in 1950. Magelang regency was still with him, the capital is located in Mungkid.
In this article or article we will discuss some of the attractions in Magelang. This presentation has been extended between tourist attractions in Magelang and Magelang regency. 12 tourist attractions in Magelang we choose menjdai tourist yng least ugly good alias among others. Outside 12 attractions in Magelang are still some other wsata but we will not discuss in depth in this article or article. Here are 12 tourist spots in Magelang that are more suitable for vacation.

1. Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple is a tourist icon in Magelang regency, even used menjdai icon of Central Java tourism. That's because this Borobudur Temple Tour is indeed one of many historical relics. Borobudur Temple was once awarded to one of the many 7 wonders of the world. Sera has become UNESCO worldwide. Because of this tourist place Borobudur Temple has always been visited by tourists, both from Indonesia and abroad. Borobudur Temple is a great Buddhist temple. This temple has a basic form such as pound berundak where there are 1460 reliefs and 506 stupas.

2. Keteppas
Ketep Pass is a tourist attraction in Magelang. You have a beautiful landscape yng yng. Ketep Pass is located between two major mountains, namely Mount Merapi and Merbabu. From these Keteppas, the two mounts that are mentioned can look bright. In fact, if the weather is clear, you can of course enjoy the outdoors abroad. At Ketep Pass there is a mini-cinema as well as a volcanic museum. This mini-movie is used for or can also be said to play the bursting document of Mount Merapi's famous eruption. Oh yes there are binoculars. Young can be used for visitors or can be said to see the clear view of Mount Merapi and Merbabu summit. Share or can also be said to mixgunaknnya you just pay with the Rp. Only 3,000